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The Seven Days Storage Solution service

The Seven Days Storage Solution service offers a customized solution to storage and storage problems. The service can be used by both private consumers and organizations, for example cultural institutions and companies that have activities related to maintaining storage facilities. Seven Days Storage Solution is based on combining research and planning for customer-oriented problem solving where the customer's lifestyle or, in the case of organizations, the organizational culture and available resources are taken into account.

Why do you need the Seven Days Storage Solution for the home?

The over-accumulation of goods and clothes driven by today's consumer culture can be seen in our homes, where it causes a strain on everyday life.

The scope and complexity of the problem has come to light through our extensive experience working in interior architecture and furniture design. Considering spatial planning, the solution possibilities are limited, especially in modern construction, where space solutions are inflexible, and the space is at a premium. To solve the problem, new approaches are needed that take into account not only physical storage, but also everyday practices and the emotional dimensions of over-accumulation. The goal of customized storage and space solutions designed by Seven Days Studio is to promote well-being and more sustainable consumption practices.

What is Seven Days Storage Solution?

Seven Days Storage Solution is a service offered by Seven Days Studio, that considers current living circumstances, where inflexible spaces, expensive square meterage and excess accumulation make everyday life difficult. Our goal is to provide the customer with a sustainable arrangement of storage solutions for objects and clothes. For this, we have developed the Storage Organization + Re-organization Tool (SORT), where the customer is actively involved in the design process of the spatial and storage solution.

The tool is based on analyzing everyday practices through the lens of environmental psychology and the principles of interior architecture.The method utilizes categorization, mapping and analysis in which a customer-oriented storage and space solution is created. We use this tool, for example, in developing storage solutions for wardrobe, kitchen and home office. Seven Days Storage Solution is helpful in every phase of life: moving to a new home, renovating, baby-proofing the home, establishing a home office, arranging an estate, setting up a holiday home or summer cottage and in general in dealing with over-accumulation.

How does Seven Days Storage Solution process work?

The customer contacts us to discuss their life circumstances and needs for storage organization. We first familiarize ourselves with the problem and provide a scope of work for the customer’s approval. We begin the process of developing the solution by using our SORT mapping process where the customer’s belongings are categorized according to storage needs and a spatial assessment is conducted. Drawing on our extensive spatial, furniture and interior design expertise and research into user experience, we determine the customer's particular needs. We then develop a preliminary proposal consisting of a spatial plan alongside a storage plan, which we work through with the customer to create the final storage solution for implementation. This co-process is designed to engage the customer in and provide a long-term strategy in maintaining ordered storage in their home so that they can continue to care for and sustain their belongings.

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Seven Days Studio is:

Wilhelmiina Kosonen is an interior architect who is particularly interested in the conceptual framework of everyday life. She approaches design through experience and emphasizes the artistic and emotional values of spatial planning.

Anne Kosonen is an interior architect whose starting point for designing is the interaction of the spaces and fixtures, with an emphasis on the atmospheric qualities of lighting. Anne is specialized in designing space solutions for apartments, where design expertise extends from comprehensive project sites to solving smaller interior design problems.

Nora Kinnunen is a researcher and redirective designer. Utilizing research and design methods in her work, she focuses on solving problems related to everyday practices. She is interested in the interaction between the individual, society and the environment and strives to promote sustainable ways of living and working.